The main thing you should walk- away from this blog post knowing is- Guests HATE to have to ask for things. Honestly. NO matter how well they know you. Many of us don’t have a room specifically for guests. A suggestion is creating a dedicated space with a door when guests do come. Maybe kicking kids out of their room and the kids come sleep on a mattress on your bedroom floor. If you do this, clean your kids room really well and even put away personal items so guests can use the empty surfaces.

21 Things Your Guests Want and Need!

  1. Wifi password
  2. Extra blankets
  3. Books
  4. Floor length mirror 
  5. Water and a few easy to grab snacks
  6. Essential items in a basket- Kleenex, toothpaste, socks, eye mask, makeup wipes, Tylenol, Tums, lotion etc.
  7. Nice sheets 
  8. Assorted pillow options 
  9. Phone Charger with extension cord
  10. Hooks to hang bags and or clothes
  11. Luggage stand
  12. Laundry basket or extra empty baskets around
  13. Sound machine
  14. Fan
  15. Lamps
  16. Candle and flowers or plants
  17. Robe 
  18. Extra Towels
  19. Plenty of toilet paper and room spray 
  20. Plunger in bathroom
  21. Cleaned off surfaces clear from personal items


#1- Wifi Password- The #1 thing that everyone said a guest room needs is easy access to the Wifi password! This frame is painted with chalkboard paint on the back of it.


#2- Extra blankets and #3- Books – Blankets seem obvious, but having them washed and stacked nicely make them seem more accessible. Books are another guest room must-have. Maybe some books about the area you live in?


#4- Floor Length Mirror – Not only to check out outfits but it also creates another “get ready” station. You could also use a mirror to hang over the door in the bathroom.


#5- Water and a few easy to grab snacks-  Candy jar, healthy snacks and water are a super nice gesture for guests.


#6- Essential items in a basket– Kleenex, toothpaste, socks, eye mask, makeup wipes, Tylenol, lotion. Assemble it all together in a basket or container.


#7- Nice sheets – Look for a thread count of at least 300. A guest room is the perfect spot to use playful sheets, too!


#8- Assorted pillow options – Pillow preferences vary from person to person. Try different levels of firmness or types (feather, gel, memory foam, etc).


#9- Phone Charger (extension cord is a good thing to offer too)– Have several different types available, and make sure to label them with your name to avoid confusion if they bring their own.


#10- Hooks to hang bangs and clothes on – Hooks on the wall sometimes feel cluttered looking at all the bags, etc., so consider hooks that go over the door.


#11- Luggage stand– It’s something often forgotten about, but can be handy for your guests, especially if they bring a lot of luggage with.


#12- Laundry basket or extra empty baskets around– Have a couple extra empty baskets for guests to pile their shoes in or anything they want to contain.


#13- Sound machine– A sound machine is something great to travel with, especially with kids. Such a game changer while sleeping in new places.

#14- Fan – Another highly recommended item. Everyone’s body temperature is so different. If you don’t have a ceiling fan you could get a table fan.


#15- Lamps – Floor lamps, reading lamps are kind of key to a cozy space. I rarely like an overhead light on- we should give our guests that option too!


#16- Candle and flowers or plants – It makes the space smell like home.


#17- Robe – A robe for guests to borrow while they stay is super thoughtful. Some people like to do their hair and makeup in a robe.


#18- Towels – Nice clean quality towels in a range of sizes (body, hand, washcloth).


#19- Plenty of toilet paper and room spray – Can you imagine being on the toilet at a guest and run out of toilet paper?? Worst fear. Have a big basket by the toilet full of toilet paper and a container of room spray.


#20- Plunger in Bathroom – And save them one more step from embarrassment by getting a plunger in the bathroom. A garbage can with a lid is a nice addition as well.


#21 – Cleaned off surfaces clear from personal items- Clean off surfaces and put in a tote. Try to clean and declutter any drawer or cupboard or closet that a guest might open in the guest bathroom and guest room.




Article source: Nesting with Grace